De Paul International Residential School, Mysore, is the first of its kind in India run by the Vincentian Fathers, Congregation of Mission C.M). The school is named after St.Vincent De Paul, the founder of the CM. The Congregation
has a glorious legacy of 385 years behind it in the field of education and service to mankind. The school is deeply-rooted in the ideals of the manifestation of the divine qualities already existing in man.
As most of our homes fail to create opportunities for our children to grow in their Catholic faith and we have very less time, we are caught between the parental responsibilities and material pursuit. We may even fail to nurture the Catholic faith that we have received. DPIRSM is a great solace and solution to all those problems faced by our Catholic students and their parents. Here the children are given world class training with the latest academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular facilities.
DPIRSM is accredited with a well-groomed faculty consisting of CM fathers and Rev. Sisters to see to the spiritual as well as the educational needs of the children. Daily Holy Mass, Monthly Confession, Catechism Classes, preparing the Catholic Children for the Holy Communion and the Confirmation are some of the distinguished features of DPIRSM.
De Paul International Residential School was founded in 2003. Rev.Dr.Jose Aikara a National Awardee is the founder of the school St.John’s University New York, De Paul University,Chicago, Niagara University, New York, Adamson University, Manila and De Paul College, Berhampur are some of the globally renowned sister concerns of DPRISM.

DPIRS strives to create an ambience of learning with stress on proactive thinking and molding a generation of competent and creative individuals capable of providing constructive leadership in a new world. At large, they are lighted to lead the world.

DPIRS is the nurturing ground for an individual’s holistic development. It points out the self-discovery of one’s inborn and acquirable qualities and abilities. Our mission is to accompany each student very closely and dearly in his / her pursuit of self-discovery.

  • To treat the children as God-given gifts and to guide them to the height of intellectual, social, moral, and cultural domains.
  •  To equip them to acquire their space in a world of competition as successful citizens.
  •  To guide students to appreciate the true meaning of life and to unravel the inner secrets of mother Nature.
  •  To orient them to the global concepts of learning in tune with the rapid changes in the world.
  •  To create in the students the spirit of adventure, thirst for knowledge, fearless mind, boundless enthusiasm, and limitless energy.
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