Field visits to variety of industries and institutions including Art, History, Science Museums, Zoos, Historical Sites, Farming Lands, Industrial Entrepreneurships, etc form a wide range of visual and sensory experiences that inspire and instigate the young minds and enhance their creative potential.

DPIRS delightedly design the field trips for the students in connection with the curriculum and concerning solemnly our educational mission. We believe that schools exist not only to provide economically useful skills in numeracy and literacy, but also to generate civilized young citizens who would appreciate the art and culture. The purpose of a field trip is to help students to learn and absorb new experiences in unfamiliar and casual environments. It allows them to learn various things, and provides them with a chance to enhance their skill set.

Field trips lay the foundation for better learning experiences through reinforcement, engagement, exposure and socialization. Since DPIRS crafts an arena for it, these proficiencies are also engraved in memories and become easier to retain learning atmosphere.