It is our unique feature to make our students’ stay in the boarding ‘a home away from home’, where they are bestowed not only with an amiable loving, caring and spiritual milieu with the support of CM fathers and DC congregation sisters, but also with prospects to enrich vision, innovation, creativity and learning.
At DPIRS, our boys and girls reside in 14 spacious boarding wings with their Dorm Parents furnished with exclusive facilities of television, music systems, indoor games, apart from a separate Multi-Gym and Indoor stadium adjacent to the boarding wing.
DPIRS upholds a blissful and dynamic environment in the boarding by crafting a poise between academic discipline and exuberance. Under the guidance of a Boarding In-charge priest, each of the dorms is assigned to a dorm parent, assisted by a nurse and a teacher, who provide maternal or paternal care and directions to the children, teaching them how to be adaptive and acceptable to the community and society later.
As a part of the academic/non-academic programmes, our teachers, counsellors, dentists also pay daily visits / fixed interval visits to the boarding to ensure the well-being of the students.The boarding areas are frequently sanitized, kept decorous and well-groomed at all times.The washrooms are provided with the paramount hygienic measures, and essential steps are taken to maintain the best standards of health and hygiene.

  • Two-storeyed buildings with 14 spacious and well-ventilated dorms, separately for boys and girls accommodates 28 students in each dorm.

  • Each of the dorms have sufficient ventilations and 14 restrooms.

  • Each student has their study area complete with a desk, bookshelf, and a wardrobe.

  • The dorms also have a recreation area with a TV room.

  • Vigilant patrol officers are appointed within the campus. CCTV cameras are installed at every strategic location to aid the surveillance efforts and keep a hawk-eye on the location.