De Paul International Residential School follows the rich Vincentian educational tradition evolved across the Vincentian group institutions across the globe. DPIRS, Mysuru, has its share of illustrious founders and Principals. Rev. Dr. Jose Aikara was the founder principal with numerous educational qualifications and National Awards followed by Rev. Fr. Aneesh Mathew CM who was the successor of Rev. Fr. Biju Scaria represented the young Vincentian armed with professional qualifications and rich experience.


Rev. Dr. Jose Aikara CM
Rev. Dr. Jose Aikara CM(2003-2013)
Rev. Fr. Biju Scaria CM
Rev. Fr. Biju Scaria CM(2013-2015)
Rev. Fr. Aneesh Mathew CM
Rev. Fr. Aneesh Mathew CM(2015-2019)
Rev. Fr. Johnson Jacob CM
Rev. Fr. Johnson Jacob CM(2019-2021)