Pearson Edexcel International AS/A levels, also known as Advanced Subsidiary Level/Advanced Levels, are designed for international learners who want to progress to the best universities around the world. It uses the flexible modular approach which means exams are taken at the end of each unit of study, or throughout the programme of study when a student feels prepared and ready, or all together at the end of the course. This flexibility, together with exam series in January, June and October, for most subjects, means that students have more opportunities to get feedback to improve their performance and get the grade they need to progress.

Important Dates

QualificationExaminationsProvisional ResultsFinal Certificates Issued
IAL and IASOctoberJanuaryMarch

Summary of IAS and IAL contributing units

SubjectTotal number of units Number of required units for IASNumber of required units for IAL
Biology,Chemistry, Physics6 (Units 1-6)3 (Units 1-3)6 (Units 1-6)
Business,English Language, Psychology4 (Units 1-4)2 (Units 1-2)4 (Units 1-4)
Mathematics,Further Mathematics,Pure Mathematics14 (across the 3 specialisms)Students take the 2 compulsory units for their specialism from the 6 IAS optionsStudents take the 4 compulsory units for their specialism from the 8 IAL options

Summary of key IAL and A level features

Pearson Edexcel International AS level (IAS)Pearson Edexcel International A level (IAL)
StructureModular and flexible structure with all units examined International AS contributes 50% to the IAL grade or can be a standalone qualificationModular and flexible structure with units examined Typically studied over a 2 year period
Assessment100% examination based Examinations in January, May/June and October100% examination based Examinations in January, May/June and October
GradingA-EA*- E