International and Domestic Tours – DPIRS

School excursions are the memorable part of every child’s education experience. Chronicles of those outing days occupy the most important part of the developmental years, as they are breathers in the monotonous school days. We make the Domestic and International educational excursions fruitful, safe, informative, comfortable, fun as well as memorable.

Young children learn through meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and seeing new places. Children are curious and we design the International excursions to stimulate this inquisitiveness. DPIRS, in association with renowned and experienced service providers, offers wonderful opportunities to be a part of educational trips to interesting locations round the world like UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan and the other preferred places by the students. Children’s security and comfort is ensured with paramount magnitude during the tour days.

We are proud in executing the wisely planned domestic tours that are organised with an objective to inculcate values like collaboration, endurance, patience and teamwork. Children gain self-reliance while developing a marvellous sense of triumph while learning the importance of real-life skills like sharing things and adjusting with the peers. Therefore, the experience of the excursion days becomes enriching, rejuvenating and thrilling for them.come easier to retain learning atmosphere.