All students should wear the prescribed school uniform on all school days, for school functions or when representing the school as a group.

(Monday – Saturday)

Girls- Blue Pinafore, Pista Green/Lilac Shirt, School Socks and Shoes

Boys – A pair of Blue Shorts, Pista Green /Lilac Shirt with School Socks and Shoes

Std IV – XII

Navy Blue pants, Pista Green/Lilac Shirt, Tie, Blazer, School Sock and Black School Shoes.

(Monday – Saturday)

A house colour T -shirt , track pants/shorts and sports shoes

  • Every student must come to school in clean and well pressed uniform.
  • Blazer with the school monogram to be worn with the uniform on Wednesdays.
  • Lilac shirt to be worn on Wednesdays.
  • Regular uniform to be worn during tests and examinations.
  • Shirt to be tucked in neatly.
  • Black shorts need to be compulsorily worn under the pinafore.
  • Socks must be clean.
  • Shoes must be polished daily.
  • Hair to be combed neatly and plaited in two. No fancy hair bands, clips, nose rings, ear rings or danglings will be allowed.
  • Ornaments not permitted. Only a pair of simple studs to be worn.
  • Nails to be trimmed regularly, no eye make up, lipsticks, lip gloss, tinted lip gel, no nail polish or mehandi is permitted.
  • School ties to be fixed properly with collar buttons in place.
  • Fancy/ smart watches are not permitted.
  • Make up of any kind must be avoided.