Entrance exams and the rigours accompanying them are challenges that today’s children are faced with routinely. We are a country that takes professional courses and gaining entry into them very seriously, with medicine and engineering topping the list. Most parents are keen that their children are enrolled in either of the two in order to have stable careers.

As far as engineering is concerned, the IITs, ranked among the best in the world, are by far the pinnacle of Indian engineering institutes. And therefore, the intensity that goes into the coaching for the IIT mains and advanced exams is mind boggling. With the advent of the NEET exams, one exam for all the medical colleges in the country, the same holds good for aspiring doctors and other medical professionals too.

DPIRS offers excellent in-house coaching facilities for both IITs and the NEET exams. We have the best educators who consistently produce impressive results at the entrance exams, every year. Such an in-house training arrangement also helps students devote all their time to studies rather than squander it away on travel, accommodation etc.

Aspiring musicians, dramatists and pursuers of other art forms also find DPIRS a true haven. Students who show an aptitude for the same are provided training to take up entrance exams at the prestigious Trinity College of London. Our wards have done well at these exams, receiving merit and distinction certificates consistently.

DPIRS is the ideal school for children who aspire to excel in any discipline that they are interested in. The goal here is excellence regardless of the field chosen.