De Paul International Residential School has a multifarious non-teaching staff to deal with the varied requirements of the students and the school. They are caring, approachable, enthusiastic and skilled professionals who immensely contribute to the functioning of the school. It is in this beautiful campus that the definitions of mentoring is re-defined to an international community of students by a committed bunch of staff hailing from across the country.
Non-teaching staff at DPIRS comprises trained administrative staff, councilors, coaches, wardens, matrons, doctors, nurses, chefs, gardeners and others. Being the heart and soul of our campus, they are endowed with the power to tackle any circumstances that they come across. They form an integral and inimitable part in guiding the students to the path of righteousness and to unearth their hidden skills. Being a full-fledged international boarding campus, the affectionate and devoted wardens and matrons make sure that the students never left unattended from dawn to dusk. They assiduously render their service with utmost care and diligence in all walks of students’ life.
To provide the students an international exposure and skill development, the students are provided with platforms to harness their skills in sports and games. We have a group of talented and seasoned coaches who train our students in the field of sports and games that they wish to master. This very campus has been a cradle in excavating futuristic sportsmen and women for the country.
The qualified Councilors at DPIRS help students overcome behavioral problems, improve time management and organizational skills, resolve interpersonal problems with other students and work through personal problems. Besides, they may help students set career goals and liaise with teachers and parents. We make sure each child is treasured and nurtured appropriately.
After the child’s home, school represents the second most influential environment in child’s life. Therefore, our doctors and nurses ensure direct care to students for injuries and acute illness with special attention. Moreover, our lush and opulent garden is looked after by our industrious gardeners to provide a suitable natural environment.
We have also a committed group of trained culinary department who are systematic, disciplined and creative to take care of the nutritious diet.
It is indeed a home away from home!