We live in times where more and more young people are veering towards making their passions, a career. A lot of them have the space and the financial cushion to do this. The challenge then is to acquire and hone such talents and skills.

Music, dance, art etc. are all viable career options today. At DPIRS, we have quickly adapted to the changing needs of today’s generation. We provide state-of-the-art facilities and excellent trainers encompassing all art forms. Children graduating from our school are equipped to indulge in such art forms even as a full-fledged profession if they are passionate about the same.

Sport is a fast growing industry and is now seen as an excellent choice of career or even recreation. A healthy body is a prerequisite to a healthy mind. DPIRS has excellent sports facilities ranging from tennis, badminton and basketball courts to a swimming pool of international standards. The school is a haven for sport lovers!

So if you want your child to achieve his/her full potential, look no further. The youngsters who graduate from our school are usually all-rounders whose achievements go well beyond the academic sphere. Come to DPIRS and prepare your children for the challenges life throws at them!