The concept of learning and its ultimate purpose have undergone a sea of change in the past few decades. Gone are the days of rote learning. Children are now encouraged to learn from experience and the sights and sounds around them.

As an international school, DPIRS encourages students to learn not just from books but also from the world around them. Our student-exchange programmes are designed to enable our wards to accomplish this. What better way to widen one’s sphere of knowledge and understanding than to see life from different perspectives? On exchange programmes, children are sent to different states and countries to imbibe cultures, outlooks, modes of learning and ways of life that are foreign to them. Currently, our exchange programmes cover several states in India and the USA and Germany internationally. Learning becomes fun on such tours! Moreover, not only do such initiatives provide the opportunity for holistic learning, they also serve as an added incentive for students to do better at school in order to get chosen for such initiatives.

Adapting to different cultures, lifestyles, languages and living conditions are slowly but surely becoming an important asset that one must possess in order to excel in the current global scenario. At DPIRS, we try to equip our students with the skills needed to excel in today’s global village.