The most crucial years in the academic life of a student are probably classes 11 and 12. Students choose subject streams that interest them and which they are likely to build their careers in. The right guidance during this phase is absolutely critical to securing a seat in professional colleges and other prestigious institutions of the students’ choice.

DPIRS understands the challenges that these years pose. It is not enough today to secure excellent grades in school exams. Equally important are the competitive examinations that determine whether or not students qualifiy for a course of their choice.

At DPIRS, we have the best teachers, infrastructure and atmosphere for students to excel in their class 12 examinations. Intensive and rigorous coaching classes in addition to regular syllabus are incorporated into the students’ routine. The focus is largely on academics during these years with necessary recreation during breaks. The sheer number of our students who have forged careers in their field of choice is a testimony to the success of our methods.

Admissions into class 11 for the academic year 2017-2018 are open at DPIRS, Mysore. Give your child a competitive edge over the others. Apply right away!