It’s that time of the year again! Summer is here and with it, the mad rush for school admissions. Admission time at school is probably the most stressful period of the year for parents, children and school authorities alike. Schools can only take in a certain number of children a year and many a time need to deny some children the opportunity to learn at their school. Every parent on the other hand wants the best for their child. So what really is the best?

The school is where the child spends most of his/her formative years and it plays a crucial role in the kind of person the child eventually grows into. While academics form the basis of learning at school, what and how these subjects are taught go a long way in the manner in which this knowledge is internalized. Earlier, the syllabi offered at schools tended to be a specific one. The advent of globalization though, has also had its effect on the education system. Schools now offer various different streams including international syllabi that the child can choose from. Children are exposed to different kinds of learning methods which all tend to help them in the long run.

In addition co-curricular activities work wonders in identifying and nurturing a child’s skills and talents outside of class. Adapting to other people’s behaviour, bonding with people outside of family, inter-dependence and the ability to work in groups, are all cultivated at the school level. While academics are thought of as the backbone to good education, more and more people believe it should only be a part of the process. Basic life skills, social skills and emotional quotients are all slowly being regarded as being more important than pure academic skills.

We, in our country also need to move on from a highly academically oriented approach to one that is more holistic in nature. Few schools strive to adhere to this holistic development of the child. Nurturing impressionable minds and gently guiding children in the right direction is most challenging and at DPIRS, we ensure this is achieved. Being one of India’s top international residential schools, we have both the vision and the infrastructure that can help little minds achieve their full potential.

So while admission times are crunch time, choose wisely. A well rounded individual is an asset to the family and the society. That should probably be the foremost thought in every parent’s mind. Happy admissions!